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Why You Should Have A Blog & Why Consistency Is Key

Picture the scene. You’re a business selling solar panels for houses. An eco-conscious individual is interested in reducing their carbon footprint, so they type ‘best ways to save the planet’ into Google.

Up pops a blog post on your website, answering precisely that user’s query. The user scrolls to the bottom of the blog post (which talks at length about the benefits of solar panels), and they find your business. With their newfound interest in solar panels and existing desire to be more eco-friendly, they put in an order with your company.

That’s a simple, feasible example of how blogs can attract new customers to your product or service, even if they’re not searching for it in the first place. Mind: blown.

Content marketing takes many forms, but blogging should be put at the centre of any content marketing strategy. If you think blogs are an early 00s internet relic, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, 89% of companies think blogs will become more important in the next five years. Blogs are the key to unlocking new customers and creating a cohesive brand identity. Here’s why.

  • 1. SEO Blogging Improves Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

Blogging is a great type of content creation in its own right, but do you know what other crucial marketing tool blogging can support? SEO.

By filling your blog posts with those all-important keywords and structuring them in a way that Google’s algorithm recognises, you can bump your website up the search engine rankings, meaning more people will stumble across your products and services organically.

Plus, the more well-researched, insightful blogs you produce, the more likely other websites are to link to your content, which provides you with the holy grail of off-page SEO: backlinks. When other websites link to your content, this tells Google that your content is useful and reliable, so it’s more likely to boost your search engine ranking.

  • 2. Blogs Improve Your Perceived Legitimacy

Part of the attraction to a particular product or service is that the company promoting it is reliable. With more businesses popping up online than ever before, it can be difficult for consumers to separate the wheat from the chaff.

One of the easiest ways to boost your business’s perceived legitimacy is by proving your knowledge and experience in your chosen sector. That’s where blogs come in.

Creating blog posts about industry news and insights reassures potential customers that you know your stuff. The more research and thought you can put into your blog posts, the more reassured potential customers will be.

Don’t have time to produce well-written, thoroughly-researched blogs while running your business? Let an expert content marketing agency take it off your hands.

  • 3. Blogs Give Your Customers Useful Information

The best blogs aren’t only there to drive traffic to your website. The best blogs contain information that’s genuinely helpful to your customers.

If you pour your energy into creating blog posts that visitors genuinely want to read, potential customers will appreciate the value-add of useful content, and you’ll attract more organic users that come to your blog for facts and tips.

These days, web users can see through content that’s created solely for SEO purposes - crammed with keywords and devoid of any actual substance. Stand out from the crowd by creating blogs that appeal to Google while also engaging your human audience. The best SEO writers know how to do both.

How To Launch A Blog That Converts

So you’re convinced of the need for blogs but not quite sure how to write good blogs for SEO? We’ve got you covered.

Every company blog should start with a strategy that fits your overall marketing strategy. Research your target market and competitors, then find a way to reach your audience while differentiating yourself from the competition.

Short on time to run a consistent, regular blog? Not a natural wordsmith? Unsure how to find relevant SEO keywords? That’s where a marketing agency comes in.

Here at Amax, we’ve got tons of experience in SEO blogging that transforms passing website visitors into paying customers.

To find out how our powers of written persuasion can attract more customers to your business, get in touch today.

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