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Website Development Package 


We know it can be expensive to build a website, especially if you're a new business and trying to keep your costs down. 

At Amax Marketing, we have put something together for you… 


Total: From £899* Only

*VAT Not Included (Anything you need outside of these deliverables we can discuss further)

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What's the going rate for these services in London?  

London agencies charge on average £750 a day. If it takes 10 days it would be £7,500
Email boxes with Google Suite cost £5 a month, £60 a year
Hosting is usually around £6 a month, £72 a year
SEO day rates are £500 a day
Total - £8,000-8,500 

Here's What It Could Look Like...


Why Amax Marketing? 


We know you could outsource this work from cheaper countries, but then you'd risk having: 

⦁    No face to face meetings 
⦁    Inconsistency with deliverables and timelines 
⦁    Language barrier when communicating 
⦁    Teams who don't know the best option 
⦁    Hidden costs with building the site


With us you get: 

⦁    Friendly, UK-based team to help communication 
⦁    All deliverables and timelines are set for transparency 
⦁    You know what you’re getting with this package 
⦁    Advanced marketing skills and knowledge 
⦁    Further website and marketing questions answered 
⦁    SEO starter pack included – to help you get ranking 
⦁    Your own dedicated website developer and SEO expert 

Who is this package for? 

Ideally smaller businesses like local restaurants, bars – anyone in the hospitality niche. If you are after an e-commerce, affiliate, or a more in-depth site, this wouldn’t put be the right package, however contact us to discuss this further. 

Website Build Package Form

Perfect! We will get back to you soon!

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