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Self Storage Marketing

"80% of customers will research a company before visiting"


Everything About Self Storage Marketing  


Why is self storage marketing important? 

From speaking to advisors and digging deep into the research we know that leads and growth are huge for the self storage industry. 

Whether you're a large or independent site, the industry is scaling quickly, with more competition than ever. With everything now digital, people seek their news, do research and buy online with their phone or laptop. It's super important to market your self storage site! 


What happens if I don’t market my self storage site? 

Simple answer: You will lose out! 

As mentioned, the market share is growing, which makes it such a lucrative industry. A lot of self storage companies are forming, and the existing ones like Titan Storage, Big Yellow are continuing to expand. 

If you don’t market, the competition will take your potential self storage customers and enquiries. 


What can growth look like with digital marketing on my site? 

Growing your self storage site isn’t a one-time fix. It's consistent work that depends on strategy and the health of your  site.

We'll show you the different growth areas and an SEO audit to see where you are right now. PPC can get you leads immediately, but we'll first perfect a clean and trustworthy check-out process.

SEO will get you higher in the search rankings, blogging will drive traffic and feed your customers with reliable information, growing your online presence. 

What Do The Public Want From a Self Storage Site?
(According to the SSA)

Only 50% of the general public understand self-storage.

The average storage user is between 40 and 70 years old.

People generally don’t travel more than 20 minutes for storage.

76% of storage operators allow customers to book and pay online... Customer preference for booking online increased by 8% in 2021.

69% of enquiries come through the web with an average conversion of 19%.

44% of customers look at online reviews before making a decision on who to use.

Online booking accounts for 75% of all bookings.

73% of online companies now show their prices online.

64% of the public can’t name a storage brand.

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Contact us if you have a question or want a chat about anything marketing!

What Does The Future Look Like For The Self-Storage Industry? 

Self Storage arrived in the UK. 


Self Storage continues to grow.


During the pandemic, despite the challenges of construction, 100 stores of different sizes opened that year.


2,050 facilities across the country – which equates to 52 million square feet of rentable space.


Estimated growth: 6000 new stores & £1.3 billion turnovers by 2025.



Self Storage first began in the USA.


London had the first facility in the UK. 


Covid 19 Pandemic arrived, and almost everything was shut down. Self storage stayed open as it was part of the logistics chain. It was classed as an essential service as the industry is used by healthcare and food industries.

End of 2021 

SSA UK estimated that turnover was £930 million (£164 million increase since 2020).


1015 brands - Smaller independents are growing, and larger ones are scaling too.


Time to invest in your self-storage marketing streams. 

How Can Amax Marketing Help Your Self Storage Company?


Click Through

Amax Marketing can help you market your self storage growth in various ways. 

Website Design & Build


We provide website design and build services, including the creation of informational websites, e-commerce sites, blogs, and more.

Mobile App Development


We provide app development services to companies and individuals who want to create their own slick mobile applications.



Once you’ve built your site, SEO is one of the most important factors for your visibility and growth.

Blog Launch

& Maintenance


A blog increases your reach, but can be a lot to maintain. We'll develop a lucrative strategy for frequent posts and updates to make your business an authority.

Brand Design (Digital & Print)


We make sure your brand stands out and is easy to digest, ensuring you always get your message across with your key audience.



Helping businesses create and manage PPC campaigns to enhance their online marketing strategy. We provide efficient and powerful campaigns.

Social Media


We make sure you're leveraging all channels to reach your core markets, giving your brand authority in your field.

Content Marketing


If you want backlinks and coverage increase for social proof and rankings, we'll take care of this for you.

Self Storage Widgets & Embeds! 

We also create widgets for your site to host.  Some of these include:


Bubble Wrap Calculator 

Coming soon!


Shopping Basket Embedding

Contact us! 


Booking Forms Embedding

Contact us!

More coming soon!

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Amax Marketing provided a fast, professional service to build us a website and complete a rebrand. They took on board our needs as we shifted the business model and knew exactly how to reach our clientele.

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