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About Amax Marketing

Amax marketing is a North West London-based digital marketing agency offering a range of services to generate serious growth for businesses.  

At Amax Marketing, we believe that growth is essential for any business. There are 5 billion people online, and with the right focus we'll get you in front of the right audience. Our mission is to help every business grow, no matter its size or stage in life.

We are here to get you growth!


How it all began


We've been around the block when it comes to digital marketing. We've worked with many businesses, helping them grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And now it's your turn - we're here for your customers, too!

Having worked in a variety of industries, from hospitality to finance, sports betting, casino and gambling, we bring together over 10 years' experience in digital marketing to provide the best possible services for your company. And because we love what we do (and who doesn't love what they do?) our work is always done with passion and enthusiasm.

Whether you're just starting out or have been around for decades—or somewhere in between—we'd love to help you take your business where it needs to go!

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Meet Rahul Vekaria


Hi, I'm Rahul!

I've been working in digital marketing since I was 19 years old, and I have to say it's been an incredible ride.

After completing a digital print-based course at college (and not doing too badly in Photoshop), I started designing websites for local businesses - all to raise money for my boys' summer trips.

From there, I got an internship with an SEO agency where I learned so much about all the aspects that go into building websites that rank on search engines.

I then got my first full-time job as a Junior SEO at iTech Media. Within six months I developed a knack for gaining organic links through content marketing, and was fascinated by the industry as a whole.

One year later, I started building the company's very first content marketing team from scratch. In less than two years, we were delivering hundreds of industry-leading campaigns.

Today, I embark on an exciting new journey with Amax Marketing!

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your growth


We are here to build trust.


We are here to educate.


We are here to celebrate wins with you!


We are here to get you growth.


Rahul goes into content marketing

Rahul follows his passion, moving into the company's first ever content marketing role to drive links and traffic. 


Tejas Mehta approaches Rahul

Tejas Mehta, a good friend and the managing director of Amax Fire & Security, approaches Rahul to start up his own venture with Amax! However, as Rahul is growing as a manager he holds off for now.


Amax Marketing Is here!

Here we are today, new in the game but with years of experience!



Rahul worked started at iTech Media

Rahul started as employee #2 at iTech Media as Junior SEO


Rahul starts to build a content marketing team

Given the chance, Rahul starts to work on bringing in new members to form the first ever content marketing team at iTech Media.


Rahul is ready to make the move!

After more than 6 years and seeing the company go from 2 to over 350 people, Rahul takes up Tejas’ offer and starts his very own agency!


Coming soon!

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